“It all started in 1999. A young girl was running for Student Council Treasurer. Her campaign strategy was genius, instead of appealing to the people in her grade level (that made up such a small portion of the school constituency) she geared her campaign to the younger masses.


Her campaign speech was fruit and vegetable pun perfection, complete with a monkey puppet assistant to make it memorable. She would address the kindergartener’s from Ms. Redisch’s class, as those in Ms. Radish’s class and once the pun was delivered, the monkey would hold up the fruit or veggie she referenced, it was going to be a great speech…” There was just one problem.




I was given the go ahead to deliver my opening line: “Hi I’m Kaiti, you may think I don’t carrot all about this election,” … that’s what I was supposed to say… Instead:

“Hi I’m Kaiti… and… I’m a carrot.”

Yup, that was how it came out. I was mortified! I took a major pause, mouth gaping, snapped myself out of it and got through the rest of the speech. The good news: I still ended up winning the election!


The “I’m a Carrot” line has been a running joke in my family ever since. (Seriously, it’s been 17 years, and my sister just got my dog a new toy… A stuffed & squeaky CARROT!!)


Fast forward 11 years… BOOM! I found out I’m allergic to animal protein thus prompting the decision to become a dietary vegan. (Perhaps I foretold my future dietary restrictions in that campaign speech…?) Scouring the web, I couldn’t find resources on what products to use or recipes to make that would curb my massive craving for mac-n-cheese or Chinese food, so I did what my Pop-pop taught me to do: Roll up my sleeves and get in the kitchen! IMG_5193


I started my blog in 2010 and have watched it grow from tumblr to save my recipes to blogger and into a real website! Just like that girl campaigning in ’99, I’m still not a fan of the camera! But, when my blog hit 30K views, I finally revealed my identity.






I’m so proud to share my blog with you. So let me say, “Welcome to my kitchen… Taste This!” -Kaiti



Parts of my campaign posters that are still hanging in the garage of my childhood home:

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