Juicing the Bluegrass – The Press Juice Bar

“Good luck with that…” That’s the common thing I heard when I first announced I was moving to Kentucky. A vegan moving to one of the unhealthiest states in the country… Did not seem promising. Upon arriving in Lexington, I started researching restaurants/juice bars that serve vegan options. To my surprise, there are actually quite a few options! I even work at a restaurant that has a plethora of vegan options on the menu!

Vegan: Table for One… MORE!

Most of the time I feel like the only vegan in the area. But one weekend at work, I realized that that is far from true! In an eight hour shift, I met and served over 9 other vegans! And, some of them were in a big group. We were chatting after they’d finished their meals and told me from The Press, a local juice bar. I sheepishly admitted that I had never been, but that I would come in the next week!

The Press Juice Bar

The building that houses The Press is a cute converted house with picnic tables in the front yard, a front porch with some deck furniture, and 3 rooms converted into dining areas and the front counter. The creamy yellow walls make for a bright and cheery atmosphere, even on a gloomy and grey Kentucky day. The menu is an array of freshness too! Juices, smoothies, “Elixir waters”, coconut wraps, salads and more! Whole-food plant-based HEAVEN! It may also be my new favorite place to write.

#28 is the juice I chose first, as it contains my favorite flavors: grapefruit, ginger and carrot. It was still early when I arrived so I also chose to order my first Acai Bowl! Craving sweet, I chose the Amazon Chocolate bowl.

Drink Your Veggies – Become a Member!

The Press has a juice membership program. There are three membership levels with the lowest being 12 delivered juices in a month for $89.88! That’s a $6 dollar discount. The top level boasts 62 juices per month ! They make the juices on Sundays and Wednesdays with delivery to members on the following days. The juices you receive are completely up to you and they are completely flexible with how many juices you’d like each week, as long as it fits your membership level for the month. As a member, you also receive discounts on additional in-store juices.

Membership Not Your Style?

Ordering a juice/smoothie in-store, gets you a punch card for buy 10 juices or smoothies, and get the 11th free! And if you’re not sure what to get, or are looking to fix whatever ails you, ask the staff! They are very knowledgable about what fruits/veggies/add-ins will help! As I said earlier, The Press has become my new favorite place to write. Sipping on juice and taking in the simple, natural vibe of the building allowed for words to pour out and onto my pages faster than I could make sense of them. Two hours flew by before the cafe was bustling with the lunch crowd. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a healthy food business swarming with customers. Popular choices amongst the lunch crowd were the Golden Kale Salad and the Asian Salad (pictured), with a variety of juices also being requested.

It’s safe to say that I will be back to eat/drink here often. Special thanks to the Press team for “press-ing” me to come in. And also for creating a healthy and delicious option in Kentucky!

The Press is located at:

191 Kentucky Avenue
Lexington, KY 40502


Street parking is available and there is also a small parking lot directly across the street at Woodland Park. Oh, and please go follow them! @thepressjuicebar on Instagram

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